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About Us

DebtDefence is a service provided by Pindoria Solicitors which specialises in advising individuals and businesses which are being pursued for small unpaid, but disputed debts.

Pindoria Solicitors is a City of London law firm with an office in Stanmore, Middlesex owned by Solicitor - Advocate Bharat Pindoria. Established in 2004, it is recognised for its expertise in asset protection strategies for companies and individuals.

If you have not received the goods or service you are being asked to pay for, there was a delay in delivery or the service/workmanship was not to the standard you expected and you are being pursued for payment or threatened with court proceedings or insolvency, contact us. If you have received any of the following, we can act on your behalf and use our experience to help resolve the situation:

  • A letter from a solicitor asking you to pay
  • A letter from a debt collection company
  • A county court/small claims court summons
  • Statutory demand form

Our fees are based on a sliding scale depending on the value of the debt, so you will know exactly what you will be paying at the start it is cost-effective even for relatively small debts. Go to our Fee Structure page to see how much our service will cost.

We believe that not all debtors or letters before action are correct. You may have a valid defence and possibly a counter claim against the claimant/creditor. Many of the threats from claimants’ solicitors or debt collection companies are meant to frighten you into making payment when you have a justifiable reason to withhold payment.